30 Day Challenge


Schedule and set aside 10-15 minutes each day to spread some love and start to create these habits. Reaching out to others consistently (clients or cold market) and intentionally spreading love, will create for you a fan base of loyal clients, and a sales force for free.

Bonus: it will make you feel good too ;)

Mindset habits to get your energy high. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! Remember how we can all feel energy?! Before you get out there and interact with people, make sure your energy is high and your attitude is in check. No point "spreading some love" when really you're just spreading your low vibe. Crank some tunes, sing, dance, move...or meditate, breath, be grateful. (TIP: smiling while sending voice messages actually does make a difference...try it!)

Like and comment on your clients social media pages. Just say something really nice (pls be authentic) under one of your clients posts. Even just clicking on the little heart to let them know you say them, you like them and what they posted. I know that this sounds a bit ridiculous, but people want to feel SEEN, HEARD and they want to feel like they MATTER and are LIKED. This is such a simple way to do this for them.

Send a kind message to a client. Voice notes are my favourite as your client can feel the love in your voice (keeping your energy high is important here). Take a couple seconds to send something like....."Was just thinking about our visit/your last appointment, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your stories/spending time with you/how much you make me laugh...etc". The more specific you can make this the better. (Ex: maybe you shared some common ground on something, maybe they opened up to you, thank them for the trust. Ex: maybe they have a big event coming up and you can say 'hope you have a blast'....'was just thinking, your hair looks amazing when you curl it, I think you should wear it like that for your xmas party, you will turn heads!') Just make it known that you appreciate them and you actually do listen to them when they are in your chair. (TIP: this is easier if you ACTUALLY do listen to them when they are in your chair ;)

Write a hand written note. You can get blank cards at the dollar store, from Amazon, support a local maker...whatever. Just get some cards and write on them.

Like and comment on a strangers social. Looking to gain more clients? There are tons of stylists, you need to stand out and give them a reason to come and see YOU! Again, simple, people want to know that they matter and that they are liked. Be that person. Be the person who speaks others praises, who intentionally notices and compliments. Find your ideal clients online (there is an exercise in the Live Workshop recording on how to figure out who your ideal client is), and like two or their posts and comment on one. This will more than likely prompt them to check you out, and they will end up on YOUR social media page.

(TIP: Think of your social media page as your business card. Your goal is to get people to check out your profile. Make sure it is professional, educational and has your best work pinned to the top. Also, make add a link at the top so it is simple for them to connect with you or even just to go right ahead and book an appointment or a consultation.)

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