Your Dream Client


There are so many people out there who need their hair done. There is no reason why you can't have a client base full of people you absolutely love spending time with. When I first started doing hair I just took anyone who would sit in my chair. I used to stress about going to work when a certain client would be in who I didn't feel good with, or I had to do a service I didn't enjoy doing. Not a fun way to start the day.....anxious about what lies ahead. Now, I can honestly say that I love all of my clients, their friends they send my way, and all of the services I provide. (This has a lot to do with learning to set boundaries as well...which is a whole section in the Independent Stylist Launch Program course and in the group training as it is such an important part of taking control of your business, and bringing joy into your days.)

How serious are you about growing your client base, and building a sustainable business that you actually enjoy working in for years to come?

If you really are serious about it, let's get super specific on exactly the person you want in your salon chair. What you ask the universe for, what you think about, what you desire, needs to be super clear. You are attracting things to you anyhow, look around, everything in your life you have manifested already. Today is the day you start getting specific on exactly what you want, keeping that in the forefront of your mind, have having faith that the universe has your back. (Getting super specific will also help you know where to find these dream clients when you do the physical work in building relationships with's not all 'woowoo'....but trust me, the universe will have your back and is very much listening!)

Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself the questions below. If you can get even more detailed, great!


Great work!!

This should give you a little more insight on where you can find your dream clients. Where would someone like this hang out online? In person? Could you go to business networking events to meet people like this? A dog park? Are there any facebook groups for people like this? Could you search any hashtags on insta to find these dream clients? Take a few moments to brainstorm....

Next step: In knowing that like attracts like, that people usually spend time with others similar to them, it's time to turn this around on yourself.

Do YOU respect your business and yourself?

Do YOU show up on time, speak positively, make your clients feel good?

Do YOU dress professionally and look like you deserve to be paid the prices you charge?

If you want to have clients treat you with respect, like the professional you are, you need to SHOW UP at your best. Seriously, take a few moments to really reflect on this. Even just a few tweeks could make a big difference in your business.

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